Isn’t it time we had a better choice than the same-old politician who does the same old thing for just a few friends?

Have you ever phoned your representative’s office to seek some assistance but were stonewalled or never received a call back? I know I have. That isn’t how public service works. Elected officials work for us and must be held accountable to us for their work record instead of taking our votes for granted. Showing up at all the picnics and photo opps or making community interest resolutions are not working for us. Aren’t you tired of being faced with the same type of political-machine candidate to vote for hoping he will get something done but instead gives us the same old do-nothing results? My family and I are and it’s a safe guess that you and yours are also.

My name is Cheryl Scandle Murnin and I am a taxpayer just like you; I’m not a politician, I don’t have big special interest or lobbyist donors so I am not dancing at the end of someone else’s strings. Unfortunately, we have all gotten used political double speak, sanitized sound bytes and splashy websites written by consultants. Those are words filtered to voters through someone else’s agenda instead of straight talk and real ideas from the candidate’s heart. That’s what is wrong with politics and career politicians. They count on us to not expect anything other than politics as usual. They just don’t listen to us anymore.

I am speaking here to you directly because that is how actual people get to know each other, to trust each other, to feel free to ask questions. If I am so honored to win your trust and confidence, I will be the elected official who will respond to you, who will work to accomplish things for you, who will not take your vote for granted.

head shot 2016 bw bright

In the 2014 League of Women Voters, my opponent said in his closing statement that he deserves to be sent back to Harrisburg. Well, he didn’t ask for our vote; he told us. He took it for granted because he believes he deserves it and worse, it is politics as usual. The median household income in the area is lags the state income at roughly $34,000. My opponent’s personal income is nearly $85,000 per year for the past three terms paid by our taxes. Does, as he stated, really deserve to go back to Harrisburg again? Has he worked hard enough for the almost 63,000 constituents of the district as he has for the handful of friends he has given patronage jobs and favors to secure votes?

I will work just as hard for those that don’t vote for me as I will for those that do vote for me. That is how a true bi-partisan environment is fostered to get things done for all constituents—not just for a few “friends” to keep the vote in the incumbent’s favor when election time rolls around.

Who is Cheryl?  Family ties, not political ties.

I was born and raised in Baltimore County until the age of thirteen until my mom, dad, brother and I moved to suburban Philadelphia. When I married my husband Dr. Pat Murnin, MD (a Vandling boy) we moved to Scranton. We lived there roughly twenty years while we raised our two boys Patrick and Christopher in the historic Providence section of the city. They attended St. Claire’s and St. Paul’s school and we all spent days and weekends cheering them on at North Scranton Little League and North Scranton Vikings football games. We moved to the Abingtons and spent all of our time cheering on them on as the Comets. High school football games really gave me, as a business minded community planner, a chance to identify the assets and trouble spots in the district. This area has all that is needed to spark a richer way of life except smart leadership. Elected officials have failed their constituents.

Although I was born well beyond North Eastern PA, I spent my childhood days visiting family here. My parents, John and Gloria Carra Sandale ended up so far away from their hometowns Old Forge and Dunmore because that was how far Dad needed to go in order to find a good job back in 1962. Unfortunately that economic situation still drives young college graduates out of the area today. This type of story is played out in so many families here.

For example, my father John was the youngest of the six children of Nicholas and Teresa Sirianni Scandale in Old Forge. He and his brothers Nick and Jim were the first to go to college. This was a proud accomplishment for their immigrant father that could barely read or right beyond what he needed to run the profitable, family sustaining businesses that he created. It was the entrepreneurial American dream. The one caveat was that my father needed to leave the area to find a job in his major to support a family. While his sister Carmel Cerra moved to Carbondale to raise a fine family, career minded Jacqueline needed to move all the way to Minneapolis to find a good job with executive potential. The current limited jobs environment still lacks the diversity that can keep college graduates with diverse skill sets here.

The current limited jobs environment still lacks the diversity that can keep college graduates with diverse skill sets here. Lack of employment opportunities is hitting my home as well with college age boys. A second weakness of our region, as so many know, is that it does not enjoy the kind of business friendly environment needed for entrepreneurs and small businesses to thrive close to home and family. This further encourages creative, striving young grads to leave. So why does all this matter? The area has lost its tax base for decades. A lower tax base increases higher taxes and higher service costs which are crushing the elderly and low wage population.

Time For A Different Voice.

Why I am Running

Forward Looking, Experience Counts

  • The clients and industries in my background wouldn’t tolerate inaction or thin accomplishments because time is money. I didn’t lose money for my clients.
  • My incumbent has cost the 114th money through inaction. When elected, I won’t waste your money and will work hard on behalf of the best interests of the district. I will actually return calls and communicate with constituents directly that’s how it is supposed to work. I really disliked it when my inquiries were abjectly ignored—don’t you?
  • I am an adjunct faculty in the School of Business at Marywood University. I guide young, bright minds to craft a dynamic future for themselves and every May watch most of them leave the area for a rewarding career. Young professionals also pay taxes but their taxes are going someplace else while our tax burden rests on the elderly.
  • I teach topics such as marketing, organizational communication, advertising, management and strategic planning. All vital skills needed in crafting action plans that result in documented performance. This is how strategic plans can be gauged for the success or failure of accomplishments.
  • The 114th has had no strategy for grow or accomplishments after three terms.
  • I hold a BS in Business Administration, an MA in Interior Architecture, a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Community Planning and I am an MBA candidate, with a concentration in Community and Economic Development.  This all means that I have a long background in understanding and identifying ways to fix very complex issues.
  • My complete online CV can be reviewed through my LinkedIn profile and keep up with my posts through Facebook.  Please friend me or join my network by clicking on the blue logo icons.


This election gives voters a real choice!

Three  terms  of  no  real  accomplishment  by  our  current  Representative is too long.

  • Some candidates run for a pay check or a job, some are impressed with the title or the idea of power, while some just avoid the private sector and have no understanding of its needs. We all know what happens in those situations. Nothing good for us. Those kinds of candidates are too politically timid to make waves for themselves and avoid the hard decisions just so they can be reelected. That’s not working for us. It’s Politics as Usual.
  • Politics as usual means our representatives bury issues and policies in committees where appointed, non elected people who are not accountable to anyone are the ones writing our laws and regulations.
  • I am not running for a pay check; I have had a great career already. Please see my full resume on my LinkedIn profile.
  • I am running to make a difference and we need a Different Voice to represent the 114th in Harrisburg.
  • I am running to work hard and get things done. I am not a career politician or perpetual candidate for any available seat and I have no deep, backroom political ties to influence me or my votes; so the agenda of the taxpayers will be my agenda.
  • Like you, I am a taxpayer and recognize that the political status quo of high taxes and few job opportunities perpetuated by the same old elected officials with the same old political ties does nothing to increase the job outlook, economic strength and quality of life in our area. The status quo does not serve us well and we are left with the Brain Drain of our brightest leaving the area for greener pastures.

Elected officials have failed us.

The last PA budget was 9 months late to the detriment of all Pennsylvanians. This year’s current proposed budget is pretending to be on time to protect incumbents but it’s not a real budget!

PA requires a balanced budget but they only submitted a 31.5 Billion Dollar Spending shopping list‐‐‐but no revenue to pay for it (increased taxes)! Politics as usual—they just are out of touch with real people.

Swift, Robert (7-1-16) State budget bill advances without revenue plan. The Scranton Times: Harrisburg bureau.(2016) Retrieved 7-1-16 from:

We  can’t  afford  that  kind  of  Representation  in  the  114th  anymore.

  • This  election  year  is  especially  important  for  the  taxpayers  of  the  114th  District  and  the Commonwealth of PA.
  • We have just been subjected to the longest budget impasse in the history of the state because of demands for tens of billions of dollars in new tax and spending proposals while the my opponent helped to obstruct reasonable compromise that would have benefited the taxpayers in those lost nine months.
  • Unbelievably,  the  Governor  is  proposing  another  new  tax  and  spend  budget  for  the  2016/17 budget cycle just two months after finally allowing the 2015/16 budget to pass into law without his signature in April, 2016. Our public servants stood in the way again of our best interests and apparently will again!
  • The 2016/17 spending package was just passed in  June to create the appearance of being on time this year without any revenue to pay for it. They passed a $31,500,000,000 in June, that’s 31.5 Billion in unfunded spending pretending to be an actual budget (Swift, 2016). Talk about a fox in sheep’s clothing. Who of us can run our household budgets that way? No one can.
  • Hold on to your wallets for enormous new taxes to pay for $31.5B in spending.

Swift, Robert (7-1-16) State budget bill advances without revenue plan. The Scranton Times: Harrisburg bureau.  (2016) Retrieved 7-1-16 from:

We Need a New Voice That Actually Works For Us!

Our area has so much room to grow economically if only we had the kind of leadership and vision among our elected officials to actually make a difference.

  • I have that leadership skill, vision and experience to actually make a difference.
  • Nearly thirty years of my career in the private sector, where accomplishment is expected, has been in team, project and executive level management positions including as the president of my own firm.
  • My recent focus on the impact of community and economic development/neighborhood and regional planning provides me with insight into its role in leveraging public policy in under-served communities, federal housing programs and neighborhood revitalization to grow a more healthy and vibrant community.
  • The experience gained from years spent in the architecture, engineering and construction industries trained me to manage the needs and deadlines of multiple parties while making smart decisions in the allocation of large sums of constituent/clients’ money.
  • The sum of these private sector experiences where performance matters, makes me able to do a better job at crafting public policy and negotiating actionable plans that work for both sides of the table and result in real outcomes than my opponent who helped to keep the Commonwealth of PA hanging around for nine stubborn, heels‐dug‐in months of waiting for a budget. Who runs their household budget like that? No one.


There is no sense of statesmanship anymore

  • Pro Accomplishment!
  • Pro Business
    • Job Creation – Small Business is the engine that drives a healthy economy and creates jobs. It just needs the right environment.
  • Pro Constitution- Our wonderful Constitutional Republic provides the framework for our “Great American Experiment” and needs to be sustained for future generations.
  • Pro 2nd Amendment – It isn’t about hunting; it’s about personal protection against intruders or a tyrannical government. And the hunting is great too!
  • Pro Life – The most venerable among us, the unborn, the ill, the disabled, and the aged deserve our care and respect.
  •  Pro Labor – Who says Republicans don’t like labor?
    • None of my building related projects could have been completed without highly skilled union labor.
    • Most of my family has been in public safety, textile, healthcare and building trades unions.

Pro Environment- Because we only get one planet. As a LEED AP, BD+C, I am an accredited professional in the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design with a specialty in Building Design and Construction. That means that I have the documented training and experience to protect and balance both the business and natural environments for our children and theirs. Strong business and regional development need not harm the environment which is of particular importance in NEPA. Protecting the environment need not stop smart business growth. Both are necessary for building healthy communities.

US Green Building Council (2016) Home. Retrieved 8-26-16 from:

importance of being transparent

Just imagine having a tool that lets taxpayers see real budget spending online. Imagine real transparency in PA. Who wouldn’t want that?

Politicians who believe our money is theirs wouldn’t like real transparency—that’s who.

They are more interested in just raising taxes rather than figuring out how to spend taxpayer money smarter.

Ohio has such a tool for taxpayers. The State of Ohio has a robust database easily available to everyone online.  Ever try to find something about Pennsylvania’s budget online or from an agency?  Not so easy because they really don’t want the taxpayers meddling with their spending.

The Ohio program provides historic, real-time and projected expenses, revenues, budgets and other financial information in charts, tables and diagrams for every agency and commission in that state.

Otto Voight, candidate for PA State Treasurer would like to create a similar program in PA based on this model.  What is the likelihood my opponent would support this level of transparency?  Not likely—he sits on the State Finance Committee and can’t even get a budget passed properly.  He keeps saying that “everyone should just be locked in a room and not let out until they can agree on a budget”.  That’s spending behind closed doors and out of sight.

That’s not very transparent!

When elected, I would support this type of program simply because government at all levels spends our money with reckless abandon.  Lack of public oversight breeds corruption which is what we have now.  Government spending needs to be observed through the clear lens of taxpayer scrutiny; that is after all, the purpose of citizen representation and participation.

“Sunlight is said to be the best disinfectant; electric light the best policeman… [against corruption].” Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis (1916-1939)


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